Why Our Warranty is the Best

Roofs are large and complex structures, considered the most expensive feature for the home. Most property owners fail to examine what their roof warranty entails and how it can protect the lifespan of the home or business. Unfortunately, failing to investigate the guarantee can leave you with a compromised service and a lack of cover. Protect the condition of your roof by investing in the value, affordability and efficiency of experts in roofing and learn why our warranty is best.

Why a Roof Warranty?

With the variety of roofing warranties available, more homeowners are hard-pressed to learn exactly what their coverage involves.

Your roof starts to leak, and something needs to be done, but calling on a professional roofer may seem too expensive, so a DIY project is in order. Unfortuantely, what most homeowners do not realize is the patchwork or products for leakage purchased at a hardware store simply do not last. If moisture continues to affect weakened structures or you have not inspected underlying supports, you could pay 10 times what a roofer would have quoted for the job. Do-it-yourself fixtures are simply no good and neither is the quick fix from the local handyman. Calling on a trusted contractor offering a warranty on their workmanship offers exceptional value. You benefit from peace of mind that the best practices are in place for roof modifications that will stand the test of time.

Many manufacturers offer warranties to protect the materials installed. Certain types of tiles should last for 20 years or longer with the correct maintenance. A warranty issued by a roofing contractor involves coverage for the actual work completed. Research has revealed that most roof related damages are attributed to a lack of maintenance and general wear and tear rather than a manufacturer fault. Experienced roofers offer a guarantee on the labor that goes into installing or renovating a roof. We stand by our quality of workmanship and that is why our warranty is the best. We deliver long lasting service solutions on all roof projects for property owners.